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Takeaways: Alex Taub’s ‘Intro II Business Development & Partnership for Startups’ Skillshare class

4 Mar

Class: Alex Taub of Aviary on “Intro II Business Development”, via Skillshare at Aviary HQ

Date: February 29 2012, 20:00-21:45

If you comes from a traditional journalism background (caveat: I don’t), “business development” (BD) is a dirty word, right up there with “sales”.

And in fairness, if you come from a traditional journalism background, you’re unlikely ever to have to engage in either.

But for all those newsies making the leap from working in a newsroom to working for themselves – and yes, that includes freelancers – or in a startup environment, understanding business development (what it is, and why it’s important) is crucial.

Alex Taub, who leads business development and partnerships at Aviary, defined BD thus:

BD is about building and maintaining relationships, developing your company, and finding a point of transaction and turn them into repeat occurrences.

(For the difference(s) between BD and sales, see this post at false precision, this pithy explanation by Lincoln Murphy and this Q&A at Quora)

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“you’ve probably asked a customer for a “ballpark price” at some point. Well, that’s just backwards….”

4 Mar

“you’ve probably asked a customer for a “ballpark price” at some point. Well, that’s just backwards. Think about it for a moment. There is no reasonable economic justification for a customer to offer anything but a low-ball figure. They may honestly not know and this question only makes them uncomfortable.”

Don’t Ask Customers What They’ll Pay. Tell Them.


Facebook users: lonely

13 Feb

“People who used Facebook largely to socialize tended to be younger, more social and more neurotic—suggesting that Facebook habitués use the site partly as a tool to alleviate loneliness, the researchers said. People who used Twitter to socialize scored high on openness and sociability but low on conscientiousness.

Participants who used Twitter to seek or spread information, as opposed to socializing, were high on measures of conscientiousness and intellectual appetite and low on neuroticism; Facebook information-gatherers were less curious.”

All about audience targeting…

Facebook and Twitter Users’ Personalities, Robot Heater | Week in Ideas – WSJ.com


How to Master the Design of Compelling Calls-to-Action

13 Feb

How to Master the Design of Compelling Calls-to-Action:

Some good tips here – and CTAs are often taken for granted.