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Takeaways: ‘Managing Startup Teams: Building Culture’ with Anne Libby at GA

12 Mar

Class: Anne Libby of Anne Libby Management Consulting on “Managing Startup Teams: Building Culture”, via GA

Date: March 6 2012, 18:00 – 19:30

When it comes to building teams – especially when those teams consist of people in far-flung offices around the world – I’m yet to be persuaded that anything is more important than culture*.

And by culture I mean the shared stories, the common values, that explicitly articulated and implicitly understood characteristics that inspire people to rally around that cause, that product, that service. The why-you-want-to-work-here-when-X-would-pay-you-twice-as-much. The-this-is-why-I-get-up-in-at-dawn-on-a-day-when-I’m-not-even-supposed-to-be-in-because-the-team-needs-me-and-hey-they-didn’t-even-have-to-ask factor.

I’ve worked on two projects that I may claim to have helped build and shape; both of these projects had quite distinct cultures.

But what they had in common was excellence über Alles. And yes, that included being excellent to each other (or put another way, jerks need not apply).

Two of my favourite blogs both recently featured culture-as-it-relates-to-startups as a theme, and I thought I’d highlight them as the lesson is relevant to the takeaway from the General Assembly class (which was, not surprisingly, all about culture). Continue reading


Takeaways: Jason Schwartz’s ‘How Product is Built’ class at GA

11 Mar

Class: Jason Schwartz of Matchbook on “Introduction to Product Management: How Product is Built”, via GA

Date: March 5 2012, 20:00-21:30

[This session was the third in a series of four; I missed the first two due to travel and schedule madness, but I’m attending the fourth on March 19]

Jason Schwartz, a product manager/UX specialist and the founder of Matchbook (a location-based app), offered a high-level and useful overview of the science of product management. Some highlights from the class are below.

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Takeaways: GA’s ‘Making life easy with algorithms’ class

25 Feb

Class: General Assembly session on “Make Life Easy With Algorithms“, led by Adam Levine of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Date: February 22 2012, 20:00-21:00

This was my second class at GA (the first covered mobile strategy). This session, only an hour long, would best be described as “thinking about thinking about algorithms” – it was a high-level overview of the history of algorithms, what they are, their modern applications and a short “how-to” of writing them. Continue reading


Takeaways: GA’s ‘How to build a mobile app’ class

17 Feb

Class: General Assembly session on “How to build a mobile app“, led by @peterbell.

Date: February 15 2012, 18:00-21:00

This was a useful session which focussed (for the better, I thought) more on how to think about developing a mobile strategy than on the technical nuts and bolts of building a specific application.

Peter Bell, CTO of Go Pow Wow and a lean startup coach, divided the session into five sections:

  1. The importance of mobile
  2. Do you need an app? (or will a “mobile site” do?)
  3. Native apps vs ‘web’ apps
  4. Stepping towards mobile
  5. Testing

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